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Bottle of Proxy Sémillon

Proxy Wines Small batch wines with a story to tell

After becoming a mother, winemaker Molly Lippitt knew that while she was done having human babies, she still felt an urge to grow and nurture something. A baby, by proxy: Proxy Wines was born. With Proxy, Molly will focus on winemaking as a hobby, crafting varietals that she enjoys drinking on her days off. Overall production will always be limited.


Molly Lippitt was raised in the Sonoma Valley. After earning a degree in Biology, her plans for graduate school were rewritten completely by a job in a winery lab. The living science of wine was far more engaging than the prospects of higher education, and she was hooked. After working in the lab, Molly pursued cellar jobs that allowed her to physically connect with the process of making wine. Molly’s favorite aspects of winemaking are that it affords her ample time outside, and that wine is an otherwise impossible alchemy of land, weather, and time.

Before striking out on her own, Molly spent fifteen years working alongside many of California's most renowned and celebrated winemakers (Heidi Barrett, Philipe Melka, Julien Fayard, Mike Hirby, and Scott Rich). She credits this tutelage for honing her detail-focused, site-honoring winemaking style.

Molly currently acts as consulting winemaker for a handful of wine brands within the Napa Valley.


Molly’s winemaking philosophy as a whole is to use a light hand, so that the vineyard might speak more loudly than the maker. With Proxy’s micro-production, Molly will focus on crafting single vineyards wines that speak of place and time.

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Proxy is sourced from sustainably farmed vineyards tended by growers committed to land stewardship. Whether in the Sierra Foothills or in Mendocino County, each individual vineyard site must be of the quality to stand alone in a single-vineyard bottling.